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Oman Culture and Traditions



Elections to the Advisory Assembly

October 27th

The Omanis elect the 85 representatives for an advisory assembly. The Council does not have great political power, but may influence the choice of a successor. The country is ruled by a sultan, who is 78 years old and has some health problems, and he lacks a successor. Among the 737 candidates for the Council are 40 women.

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Oman plans embassy on the West Bank

Culture and Traditions of OmanJune 26

Oman declares, as the first Gulf state, that the country will open an embassy in Palestine. A mission in Ramallah should be prepared. The message is welcomed by prominent Palestinians, but Hanan Ashrawi - who has been part of Palestinian delegations at peace talks - voices a concern: that Oman sees it as a step toward establishing diplomatic relations with Israel (see October 25, 2018).

Iran is being loaded for attacks on tankers

June 13th

A Norwegian and a Japanese oil tanker are being attacked in the waters between Oman and Iran, southeast of the Hormuz Strait. The tankers are damaged by explosions and both crews are evacuated to nearby vessels. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims that only Iran is capable of carrying out similar attacks. Iran rejects the allegations, as well as after sabotaging four tankers outside the United Arab Emirates, which was carried out in May.

Successful efforts against diseases

7 June

WHO explains that the communicable diseases measles and red hand have been eradicated in the country. The World Health Organization calls for continued vigilance and vaccination campaigns, especially as the state of war in countries such as Yemen is jeopardizing the spread of infection.


A new committee addresses guest workers' disputes

May 22

From now on, guest workers should be able to get help with a legal assessment if they end up in dispute with their employer. A special committee - called the Reconciliation Committee - has been established and has been given tools to enforce its decisions (see August 12, 2018). The system was initially introduced in Musqat, but the idea is that after evaluation it will be spread to the entire country.

Prestige prize for author from Oman

May 22

Jokha Alharthi is rewarded with the Man Booker International award. She is the first Arabic author to receive the award, and she shares it with her translator to English Marilyn Booth. The work that is being awarded is a novel about three sisters in Oman entitled Celestial bodies, praised by the jury as engaging and poetic.


Ports and airports are granted for the United States

24th of March

The Oman government concludes a framework agreement with the United States that will allow some of the country's ports and airports to be used by US vessels and fighter aircraft. According to the state news agency, it is mainly the port of al-Duqm, which is strategically located 50 miles south of the Hormuz Strait, where a third of the world's ship-borne oil cargo passes.

Oman on the EU blacklist

the 12th of March

Oman is placed on the EU list of states considered as a tax haven and facilitates tax evasion from other countries. The EU is of the opinion that Oman has not fulfilled pledges on tax measures.

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